October 2022: The Luo Laboratory has been awarded an iTHRIV pilot grant in collaboration with Carilion Clinic to study infant stool microbiome.

August 2022: Xin M. Luo was interviewed by Researcher. Listen to the interview here: She was also interviewed by MIT Technology Review about her work at Caltech:

July 2022: Xavier Cabana-Puig successfully defended his PhD dissertation! Congratulations Xavier!

May 2022: Noah Oakland decided to continue in the lab as a MD/PhD student!

February 2022: The Luo Lab celebrates 10-year anniversary!

November 2021: Welcome Michael Appiah!

October 2021: Leila Abdelhamid successfully defended her PhD dissertation! Congratulations Leila!

August 2021: Jing Zhu left for biotech industry. Welcome Razan Alajoleen and Caitlin Armstrong!

April 2021: Xavier Cabana-Puig won the AAI Trainee Abstract Award!

March 2021: Brianna Swartwout successfully defended her PhD dissertation! Congratulations Brianna!

February 2021: Our PNAS paper titled “Regulation of neonatal IgA production by the maternal microbiota” was featured in EurekAlert and VTNews! Welcome Ran Lu!

January 2021: Leila Abdelhamid won the Outstanding Doctoral Student Award!

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